This company became one of the largest online poker sites in the world.


There was much confusion in the marketplace whether local and national media vendors were legally allowed to air online poker commercials.

Ionic Media was hired to build their brand awareness along with running DRTV and digital media to achieve a very tight allowable cost per acquisition.


Ionic Media strategically targeted consumers on a local-media basis rather than nationally to drive membership.

Ionic Media came up with the idea of creating a .NET version of Partypoker, as a place to learn and play for fun.  This allowed ALL local media vendors to accept and air partypoker media.

Partnered exclusively with specific regional networks such as YES Network, New England Sports Network and Fox Sports to create and promote reality game shows centered around poker tournaments.


Partypoker increased monthly spending by almost 10,000% through effective marketing, and went public two years later for over $2B.